Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zombies Vs Robot

The original name for this blog came from my fascination with this struggle of Robot Vs Zombies. Here is my latest creation using robots and zombies. You can read more about this drawing at my art blog. The drawing is also for sale.

I am going to repeat some of the content of that blog to mention to the readers of this blog, since I think it really fits in with immortality and the future of human beings.

I never got into Zombie movies much as a child, although the concept was something that interested me. In the last few years, Adam Hafermann, a close childhood friend and artist had gotten me to watch some of his favorite classic zombie movies. While many of the movies lacked a lot of common sense in my opinion, I did find the theme very intriguing.

On my own, I stumbled upon a concept which you can find in some of my previous art and blog topics: Robots Vs Beasts. The concept is based on our choice as human beings of which way to go with our current existence. I feel we have only two real choices, and that is to become animals who live off the land, like indians or cave men (minus the lack of intelligence) and live free from exploiting the world and globalization; or else embrace our technology and use it to make ourselves immortal, which is probably only possible by becoming robots (or transferring our knowledge to them.) Those that choose neither beast or robot, will undoubtedly - and probably already have become.....zombies.

That is how the concept of this drawing came about. Here is my artist statement that accompanies the work on the gallery wall in Minneapolis:

When humans have long merged into thoughtless zombies, only our cold robotic creations can stop ourselves from eating each other to death and ridding the world of what the human race has become. Cities will become vending machines for brain hungry moaning masses of flesh, while the robots we built will try to use our designed intelligence to systematically destroy the zombie nation. Humans have already lost, but who will prevail on this planet, Zombies or Robots?

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aleks said...

Will Zombies be able to wield weaponry capable of damaging/destroying armored robots? The iron v. flesh factor seems like an insurmountable advantage.