Friday, October 31, 2008

Vote for Halloween!

Halloween is another reminder that we need to VOTE.

I find it amazing how many people participate and spend gobs of money on halloween. I admit its fun to dress up, eat candy and watch scary movies....but it such a contrast to the cold grimm reality that our economy is in. We are sinking fast (and its only going to get worse). We need to buckle down and vote.

If everyone spent more time concentrating on the election and the issues, instead of their sexy or scary costume and what party to attend, maybe this country could turn itself around in a more timely manner. What am I saying? What is more American than dressing up like a bloddy zombie and getting pitch black drunk? Who cares about politics, let's focus on our holiday distractions and buy pumpkins for decorations rather than for our stockpile, just in case our food supplies are cut off.

The funny thing is, we dress like zombies, celebrities, vampire witches and attempt to be scary, when the scariest thing in the world is having George W Bush as our president, and a warmonger like John McCain salivating over the reigns. The real halloween horror is the right wing leadership that has ruined America's credibilty and is causing a global meltdown of doomday proportions.

This year, instead of knocking on doors for candy....I am knocking on doors to ask people to vote for Barrack Obama and change the world. I'm even going to dress up like an American who cares about his country.

Until nightfall I guess I'll do what Americans do, and carve a pumpkin. Except I'm carving it into peices, to cook, and eat. I am saving the seeds, because the seeds represent hope. And only we can save hope from burning in the feiry oven of hell.

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Alicia Billings said...

Good points! We need to pay attention to who we're electing. Too many vote blind and that's why we're in such a mess right now. So just to add to what you've stated, I hope everyone makes wise choices for their Congressmen and Senators too because they're usually the bill makers/voters and we need positive change.