Saturday, November 1, 2008

Aids awareness in Namibia

My high school friend, Aleks Hindin, is going to teach english and raise HIV awareness in Namibia, near South Africa. Aleks asked me last week to help out and draw him a logo he can use on his website.

I told him I could, and I did as evidenced below:

Aleks is going with World Teach, and needs to raise money for his trip. I wanted to support his project here on Zombie Robot Frosting: health, immortality, technology blog and tell my readers about his efforts.

You can visit Aleks' Namibiapage about this volunteer trip, and how to contribute to his efforts. In 2003 21% of the adult population in Namibia were infected with the HIV virus, and Aelks and World Teach are trying to raise awareness and help educate their people.

Aleks needs to raise $6000, let's help him do this. I also want to encourage everyone to think about donating your time and effort to a good cause. Lets make this world a better place.

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Out There On The Dunes said...

Thank you so much Billy. Everyone I've shown it to says it's beautiful. I've also started a Namibia blog, . It seems like a less cumbersome setup than the page, although they're both Google, so I'll probably do more there.