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the rich & powerful are going underground

the rich & powerful are going underground
a short essay by william hessian

In this short, opinion essay, I simply want to express why I think the people on top (the richest 1% of the world) plan to burrow under the surface in the upcoming decade. First, I would like to explain that I feel the people on top are the top world politicians and heads of large corporations that have been scratching each others' backs for decades. The select interconnected few, have been sucking money from the economy and from the world for many years. I have asked myself many times, what could be the benefit of such large wealth on this planet? Greed is a part of the reason, but I believe there is more purpose to collecting incredible amounts of worth, than simply lust and greed. I believe the richest people on this earth are planning to suck all the resources from this planet as fast as possible to supply an enormous stockpile before their hibernation in the caves of the earth.

Did you ever wonder why Egyptians seem to have built these incredible tombs, with living space, burying entire families at once in these amazing pyramid structures? Did it ever occur to you that these pyramids could have been the bunkers of the privileged few. A pyramid, given its functions, has the ability to withstand a direct physical blow (comet explosion, army attack), increase in temperature, decrease in temperature, a flood, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes and massive storms of any kind. It seems very evident to me that ancient pyramids were the work of the privileged few; designed to survive the changing earth. Obviously, they did not make the correct calculations or simply did not have the materials to withstand the period of time in which the earths conditions were uninhabitable. Thus why the tombs upon discovery contained kings, queens, and royalties dead and rotten bodies.

Which brings me to the question: what would we do if we could see signs of another period of unlivable conditions on the surface of the planet? The answer is very similar to the ancient Egyptians. Those in positions of power and wealth will gain as much power, wealth, and commodities as humanly possible and create a bunker to survive the times or else fly off this planet (however I do not see much evidence supporting a spaceship odyssey off this planet).

Why are we so dependent on oil in America, when we have the most reserves on the planet? Because this oil is not for us, it is for the privileged few to use over an undisclosed period of very harsh condition on the surface. It is clear that the technology for clean energy, wind, solar, electric, magnetic- have been available for decades. People can claim that the only reason America chose to turn its back on those resources simply is greed; to make endless piles of money, and I feel this is very near sighted.
The select few, if you do not know who they are, then you are not one of them (which describes 99.9999% of us) have been ridiculed as heartless, warmongering, greedy monsters. Many people simply shrug off their actions as simply unintelligent greed and power lust. These people are extremely smart and know exactly what they are fact, I believe that they absolutely love when people call them greedy and overlook their true intentions.

Back to the reason why I think these very intelligent select few are going to burrow in hidden bunkers located around the world. Money is very important, but oil is more important, when you consider that oil is the most useful when you no longer have the ability to tap the planets' surface. Renewable energy like the sun, wind, vegetation and the ocean's kinetic movement have been good potential sources of renewable energy, however they are only available to those living have access to these to the surface of the planet. If the surface conditions change too much, many of those resources may even cease to generate energy on their own. Oil is simply ancient sunlight, which in its oil form is a very crude but versatile energy source. Which leads me to believe that the mass collection of oil on this planet, is being done in order to take it to a place where we (or they) will not have access to the face of the planet. The two places this can be is either in space, or under the surface of the planet.

Space would be an interesting option and as I mentioned above, given the lack of advancement in that field, it seems that the option of leaving the earth and living on a space station, or colonizing another planet seems very unlikely. On the other hand, there have been reports for decades speaking of secret underground shelters in America, and around the world, which leads me to believe that these dormant military structures may be a future den of the who's who of the civilized world. If you want to learn more about underground bases, simply google hidden underground bunkers, bases, and government. You will find a lot of interesting things.

The failing American economy is a side effect of the exploitation of the banks of the world by those on top. The bail out is a strategy to extend this exploitation. The simple unknowing people of every nation on this planet will pay to try to recover for what the top dogs are taking out of the system. The system was built by these people, in order for them to exploit it whenever they deem it necessary. Every single person on the top knew that this crashing of the system would occur with constant abuse, and they all knew that the oil supplies on the planet are a limited resource. The economic system was carefully and purposely abused in order to gain access to money to buy as much oil as possible, no matter what the cost to the inhabitants of the earth.

I like to use this metaphor: it is clear that if you take chunks out of wood out of a sailboat it will start to slowly sink, and eventually go under. Any slightly intelligent person can figure that out. The people leading the ship, in this case, have been telling us it is going to be okay, we can take as much wood out of the ship as possible to add to our collection; only to be putting this wood on a different ship altogether as we ride this sinking ship to the bottom of the ocean. The ship is the earth; or at least the surface of the earth.

I want to clarify, that part of my fascination with this conspiracy theory, comes from feeling like selfish decisions are being made at every crux in the last eight years. And that my assumptions regarding this potential move underground in the face of an oncoming disaster, means that I am strongly suggesting that the people who control this world have a grand knowledge about the future of this world that we are being excluded from. This very easily could be for the good of our well being. Secret chem trails, the terrible response and/or intentional bombing of the levies in New Orleans, 9/11 conspiracy, lack of education, war in iraq, lack of renewable energy innovations and many other odd actions all over the world could be for the betterment and survival of our planet. It is very hard to determine what knowledge has effected these questionable actions to occur. But I would never count out the slight possibility that drastic actions are being taken to prepare or save the human population for some extremely crazy disaster. This however, is very unlikely.

This leads me to how I suggest we, the knowledgeable/powerless/poverty stricken few, should go about reacting to such a concept. The answer is: self sustainabilty. I am working on some artworks in which I propose designs to give us our best chance to survive any possible disaster on the horizon. Our housing needs to mimic the Egyptian pyramids (I will be posting blue prints to my crude 'silo home' concept), we need to have a large stockpile, solar energy, recycling water supplies, access to gardens and underground water supplies, and we need to be smart about every invention we make. We need open source solutions to every potential problem from disease, climate change, famine, flood, and total government take over. It starts with conversation, and it starts right now.

A lot of very credible sources are indicating that a big event is on the immediate horizon, and some very important people know about it, and are making decisions to save themselves. I have never been one to jump into any conspiracy theories, although I do listen to Coast to Coast AM as often as I can. Yet, I cannot help, given the facts of the Bush administration and other world leaders that interact with this powerful group are on to something that we normal people could not comprehend (or at least that is what they think). I strongly believe that the rich & powerful super group is going to take our money and our energy (in the form of oil) and scurry into hidden structures and leave us to deal with whatever disaster is planning to hit this earth. We need to begin to gain knowledge for ourselves and begin to prepare for the worst. I would love to hear your thoughts on my ideas.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your ideas. I read about this stuff on ATS ( Are you familiar with that website?

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i realy fascinated with your great and intelegent ideas i think infact these conspiracy thiories should be 100 % an undenieable fact . i strongly belive that if people start to educate theselve it can reveloutionary change the situation in favour of people .

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thank u for sharing your ideas
good luck