Thursday, November 27, 2008

Solar Powered Submarine is designed to save the world

This submarine can survive the pole reversal, the apocalypse, and 2012.

I have been listening to a lot of Coast to Coast AM radio, which I can barely receive here in Minneapolis. Many of their guests deal with aliens, end of the world, myths, ghosts, government cover ups and anything else that can be labeled under the 'conspiracy' umbrella. It is pretty much the most exciting radio program I have ever listened to, even if a lot of it I do not fully believe.

While listening to Coast to Coast I was turned on to a few books by Zecharia Sitchin, which in turn led me to google and to find this website: How to survive 2012. Patrick Geryl has written a book about the reversing of the poles in 2012 (if you have read this book please comment to me what you thought of it). Reversing the poles means, the north pole and the south pole will switch in a tidal wave causing, earth quake shaking, volcano erupting, America and Europe flooding disaster of the grandest scale! Many ancient artifacts, like the Mayan Calendar and many other ancient calendars seem to predict 2012 as the year for a major life threatening disaster to strike the earth, it could be the reversing of the poles.

The bible's detailed recounts of the time of the wall of water, fire on earth, fire and brimstone falling to earth, and heaven becoming hell have all been listed as a very probably events during a previous pole shift. This is the hell of earth doomsday scenario, and a lot of evidence is supporting this idea as probable.

There is also scientific research supporting the fact that our magnetic poles are losing strength at a rapid, and threatening speed. Not to mention, that it is predicted that America and Europe will be completely flooded during this shift. Which would explain the immediate depletion of America economy and the crumbling of America as a country. It also explains why the rich may be going underground and why they are hording oil with extreme urgency. I now propose that we may want to look into mass producing or self producing Solar Powered Submarines, like the GoldFish Project!

Here are the links I have found so far:
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