Monday, December 1, 2008

Keep a kitty or puppy warm this winter!

**For Minneapolis Area readers-
I volunteer with Pet Haven, and I wrote this blog to post around the internet, because Pet Haven has found many stray and homeless animals that need adoption this winter! Please read on, and come to one of the adoption sites upcoming!**

Do you want to give that special someone a cat or dog, kitty or puppy? Please do so by adopting from Pet Havens' wonderful animals. Pet Haven, a non-profit institution that is based around finding and providing vet care for homeless dogs and cats, and have a number of excellent animals that need warm homes this cold winter.

If you will be receiving a pet as a gift, or giving a pet as a gift this holiday season; please wrap up a food dish, a few toys and present it to the lucky recipient, inviting them to attend an adoption (listed below) right after the holiday to make a selection. Most of the company will be gone, presents are given and there is time to welcome and introduce your new choice in a quieter and calmer setting - lots of time for warm snuggles and new games.

All of the animals that come to Pet Haven are cared for, fed, given medical attention, shots and trimming so that he or she is ready for adoption right away. Even if you are not sure if adopting a pet is on your holiday wish list, you can get a few laughs and licks by attending one of these three free-to-everyone adoption events and meeting the cute little faces that need a home:

Dec. 6 from 11-1pm, At the PetCo in Richfield
Dec. 7, 1-3 p.m. At the PetCo in West St. Paul
Sunday, Dec. 21, 1-3 p.m. At the PetCo in Richfield

The animals would love to see you. We also need your help. Please help our cause by telling other friends and families about adopting these great animals into families this winter. Feel free to copy and paste this entire message on your blog, website, or into an e-mail and send it out to your friends and family. You can go on-line right now and browse some of these cats and dogs, and also look at pictures and read about some of the unique animals on the pethaven dog blog , and the pethaven cat blog .

Let's work together to give all these cats and dogs a place to stay warm and loved this holiday season!

(I will be attending the Friday event listing above and taking some pictures!)

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