Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eat for $2.50 cents a person?

My friend and fellow artist Marilyn Scott Waters, from Costa Mesa, California has been blogging about taking KFC's Colonel Sanders of making a meal for 4 for under ten dollars. Marilyn, her husband and her son have been up to the challenge.

I was lucky enough to visit them this summer, and sleep in their treehouse in the backyard, and enjoy their cooking. I was amazed at the great food that they had to share with us. Everything they made was extremely tasty, and Marilyn, who is vegetarian played a part in my own decision to become vegetarian myself. Which has been a great experience for me, as I have been cooking more than ever before. I have been eating a lot of black beans, tempeh, fresh fruits and vegetables.

I have also tried to take on the challenge and create a meal for under 5 dollars for me, and my girlfriend. This is not an easy task, but we are getting better. The two meals we created cost us around 7 dollars, but were really great meals. I encourage everyone to check out Marilyn's website and live journal , and maybe give the KFC challenge a try yourself.

Eating healthy is a great start to a fulfilling life.


The Empty Envelope said...

Great post. Do you shop at Trader Joe's? I know the one on your end is a bit of a beast with the parking, but they have good prices and vegetarian options!

williamhessian said...

yeah i like trader joes. but i do more shopping at the Wedge. less than one block from my house. if i cannot afford the good places, i end up shopping at Cub foods.