Monday, December 8, 2008

Immortality is not for us

A scary look at life extension. Good bye immortality, hello coffin.

One of the reasons I first started blogging was to delve into the subject of immortality. My informational crash landing into the topic of immortality came at a heightened sense of intelligence a few years ago. I strongly attribute changes in intellect (which is still only sub par) to quitting drinking coke, eating better and discarding my television. My mind, which was already open visually (as an artist) was quickly eager to understand new ideas and concepts. Immortality, a concept I have yearned for sense I understood the concept of death as a toodler, was something I was eager to sink my teeth into.

The first time I ever switched my car radio to MPR (minnesota public radio), I was lucky enough to catch the second half of a Dr. Bostrom interview about Life as a Simulation. The domino effect that followed, is similar to anyones internet/library path to knowledge of a certain subject. If you check out or read my blog very often, you know that I write about Immortality very frequently, and find it a fascinating subject. I have joined Immortality Institute, researched Cryogenic Freezing and read many scientific articles on the subject. It was not long after I came to the realization that the technology for Immortality (or at least the expansion of life to great lengths, like 300-500 years) is right around the corner, if not already here. Finding that life extension was possible was initially an extremely exciting conclusion... until I realized that it will not be that will become immortal.

Then Who?
When there is immortality, there is politics. Who should be immortal? Certainly not everyone in the world? Just because a super jet exists, doesn't mean the mere invention makes it accessible to all to own a their own personalized jet. The immortality cure will be horded, sold to top bidders, and exclusive. It will also probably be quite secret, because most good things start out that way. The other major factor in the difficulty with immortality is overpopulation, and resource management, which upon research seems to already being addressed by a New World Older. I do not jump into conspiracies very easily, or lightly, but it seems ruling powers or a 'one world government' are taking active measures to, at least, address overpopulation and resource management for human beings on a global scale. The ones who are doing this controlling, are the ones who will be taking and doling out the immortality serum. In my current standing in the world, a starving artist, my potential chance at nudging my way into the elite for a taste of their super juice does not seem very likely. In fact, my probable place on the totem pole in the outcome of the race for everlasting life, will be among the 80% of the worlds population that will most likely be trampled to death, in order for the super humans to take over the world. Please understand, when I say 'trample' I mean a very deliberate death from those on top, either by cancer, police force, bird flu, or some other secretly controlled means.

You might be surprised to know that I agree with having a population control. There are some things that both Henry Kissinger and Ray Kurzweil have said, regarding population that I agree with. However, in my response to the hypothesis (which I am not sure if I believe) that 80% of the world's human population will be wiped out in a holocaust style event; such an event would be a glaring and horrible scar on the face of consciousness and morality for any individuals involved. It seems to me that another blatant Nazi like execution of a people would be too brash to attempt again. It seems like the age of giving us poison, that we take ourselves (through food and water) is the cleaner more political solution. Or possibly allowing a bird flu like disease to spread across the globe, while immunizations are withheld until a certain quota of corpses are filled, and the remaining few are saved. That would no doubt would be effective. Food riots, and starvation seems to be flawed, but possible. How about a mock alien invasion with lasers wiping out entire cities overnight? It would be a clean way to reorganize the surface of a country, if the technology even exists.

I'm sorry you are being downsized as a race
I strongly hope that none of the above are the case, and that a more civilized solution can be found. Are there too many people on the planet? Yes. Can we, as human beings, make a conscious decision to decrease those numbers? Yes, again. Fear is such an effective tool, why not use it to drastically reduce our population to a ratio that we begin to scale down to a manageable amount? “Because it will take too long,” would be the common answer to those sitting in the golden press boxes of existence. I would then suggest, that those elite that came before you, did not plan very well ahead. Here I am, one of the expendable many, trying to rationalize with the chosen few (who will never read this): why must we die to depopulate the earth, and give the chosen few both long life and the earth? Especially when those 'chosen few' we are unknowingly sacrificing our lives for; are so quick to decide our fate, so quick to chose our means of demise, and simply toss us away.

I want to live. Not as a slave, but free.
I know the word 'free' is just a commercialized word for 'unknowing slave', but how can I not help but cling to such a word as it is in the fabric the makes up my American flag. I pay my taxes like everyone else, and I assume the systems around me are for the benefit of mankind, not the slavery of mankind. When dealing with the issue of immortality, and those that are first in line, I start to see security looking a lot more like a jail cell. When fear is something that you just get used to, it begins to lose effect. I have not gotten used to it yet, but I am starting to understand how it is controlling me, and my decisions.

I once asked a few young members of the Immortality Institute what the best way to become immortal would be, and unanimously, they told me, “money.” Now I know what all the fuss is about.
For the right price, I too can live forever.

For the right price, you too can live forever.

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brokenportal said...

Thinking that the "elite" may hord life extension technology isnt a good reason to not pursue it.

As this stuff comes about, politicians are going to have to have plans to help make these cures affordable and available to all, other wise they wont get elected.

If the rich try to take over the earth they will try it with or with out life extension technology. If they try to kill off all that they feel are undesirable now, they can try to do that, and we can all fight back if we want. We may lose, or they may lose, you never know.

It shouldnt be our choice to make for future generations, we shouldnt be able to choose for them whether they have life extension technologies to fight for or not, by either helping right now or not, because we think the rich will hord it from the future.

Its up to us to make life extension tech a reality so that they have the choice to either legislate fair life extension properly, or fight the elite for it, whatever the case may be.