Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fluoride Filter

I just started reading the book Crazy Maker, and have been watching many videos (see last post) about the health of American citizens. I have adopted a belief that the reason we are dieing is man-made. We have the abilities to live forever if we only used our knowledge to improve our health, instead of finding ways to give ourselves cancer, disease, and heart failure.

You can read my past few posts, and learn how and why I've stopped eating high partially hydrogenated oils, fructose corn syrup, and meat. My next goal is to avoid fluoride, which is unknowingly medicating our country, in our water systems.

My question to you is, do you or anyone you know have a way to get fluoride out of their water? I am thinking of buying a 300 dollar fluoride water filter system, but I need to do more research.

If you are like me a few months ago, and have not heard of why fluoride is such a problem, start by reading this website, and go from there: Fluoride Dangers.

I am off to finish an art project. Thanks for reading.

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jx said...

thanks for the link about fluoride. i've emailed a chemist friend to see what his thoughts are or if he can expand upon the article.

williamhessian said...

please respond to me and let me know what your chemist friend says.
i am very interested. ive been talking to dentists and spreading the link to them.

Anonymous said...

Speaking about books that talk about the health of Americans, have you heard of "Junk" by Christopher Largen? The author took stories from America's War on Drugs and turned them into America's War on Junk. it's kind of funny, but the book has some interesting points too, although I think the author was trying to show the extreme that the U.S. government might go to regulate American's health.