Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is time running out?

Ever have the itching feeling that time is flying by us? We spend so much time working, performing menial tasks, sleeping, eating, by the end of each day there is almost zero time to do your own thing. Where is our freedom? Where is our time?

I feel like I barely have time to think; barley have time to assess each day. I cannot slow down long enough to wonder if I am living my life correctly, am I making the right choices? I often feel my time is being delegated by a higher power (government) who determines wages, and prices of goods, and therefore determines how much time I spend making enough money to afford the things I need. In between I feel I am bombarded by advertisements for things I don't need, which given the lack of time, is sometimes hard to disassociate with the things I need.

I feel freedom is fake word used to control us. We have the freedom to eat whatever we want, although not everyone (nearly anyone) can afford the health food organic items that will make us live longer. We have the freedom to watch whatever TV show we want on TV, although we don't decide what advertisements they show, or what content is innapropriate or insulting, or even when we can watch it (unless you have TeVo or OnDemand). We do not even have freedom over drinking clean water and breathing unpolluted air. Our freedoms have been privitised, demeaned, and sold to the highest bidder and with the little time we have left to use our brains for our own good; we are stuck using it to try and escape this American maze of poisons and peril. I want to ponder why we are here, where we came from, what will the future be like, instead of wondering what is on TV, which fast food restaurant to eat at, and which medication to go on.

My vow is to quit buying what is sold to me. I want to be a better person, a better human being, a better role model, and a better inhabitant of this planet earth. I want to NEVER BUY NEW. I have quit drinking soda, and have now become a vegetarian as well. I am going to grow a garden, save seeds, learn about renewable energy, walk to work. I am going to understand what poisons are in my drinking water, and find out how to get them out.

I am sick of letting things happen around me. It is time we make the change we want.

Otherwise time simply slips away.


Brian said...

Billy, I like your attitude. I was thinking the same thing (or something similar) the other day. I think we constantly think of what we want and what will make us happy, but most of us do nothing about it. We only get one life, so it's silly for us to sit back and watch it go by.

On a side/related note, it's obvious (to me) that you are not in favor of Capitalism. Some of your ideas border on Socialism, but I don't think you are a true Socialist. Then again, I don't think anyone has to be a true anything. There have been aspects of Socialism in our government for a long time. How would you classify yourself?

Talk soon!

williamhessian said...

hey brian, thanks for the comment.

you are right about me being far more socialist, than capitalist. I think the idea of capitalism is what allowed us to take land from the indians, allowed for housing bubble to inflate and burst, and has allowed CEOs to make 500 times more money than an average worker in the company.

Socialism, or sharing both the luxuries and responsibilities of all goods, seems to make a lot of sense to me. I admit I still feel like I have capitalism ingrained in my body, trying to copyright every idea i have, or keeping anything I create assuming it could be worth money in the future (not wanting anyone else to profit off of my creations). I would classify myself as a soft socialist; as there are many aspects of socialism which seems very dangerous. Too many to list here.

While I agree we all have a right to own things and be competitive, Capitalism seems to be a nice way of saying greedy. I do think healthy competition is important, as well as rewarding those that prove to be the most successful. However, given a rewards structure of competition the act of cheating or abusing the system should be an absolutely crippling punishment. Our current system is far too easy to abuse, cheat, steal and most likely get away with it. Like Bush and his buddies, robbing the country blind, and probably never receiving anything then a slap on the wrist and a bad reputation.

sad. but this is why things need to change....accountability. respect. sharing. freedom.

Liz said...

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