Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Exoskeleton Survival Suit

Here is my design for an exoskeleton suit, that would support a growing ecosystem in a backpack. The suit would is completely solar power and would support the extra weight carried on your back. The hydroponic system in the backpack is desgined to grow just enough food to provide sustainable living, including herbs, leaves, nuts, berries and mushrooms. The food would be grown in layers, and rotated on a specific schedule, the suit has storage for surplus of food. Water is also crutial, and a recycling system is in place to make sure there is no waste.

Hypothetically, the suit would act as armor for any blunt force, a protector from extreme heat, cold, and even lack of oxygen. The plants are designed to generate fresh air, mushrooms to reduce polution, clense and recycle soil. The entire concept is a synergy between plants and humans in all dire survival scenarios. The human needs the plants to survive, and if the human survives so will the particular species of plants.


pollicino said...

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Anonymous said...

not a bad drawing
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