Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Understanding ourselves & swine flu

It has been a very fragmented and hectic few months. I've seen my 27th birthday blow by me, and have been struggling to solidify my life while I change jobs, change living arrangements and plan my future. I find myself constantly daydreaming about the limits of mankind. I find it fascinating how bound to the earth we are. We need food, water, air, sleep and most of these resources are only immediately available here on earth; and only in specific places of the earth. My memory is flawed, and I find myself envious of the computers' ability to record data and keep readily it available. While I am in good shape, and eating healthier than I ever have before (since i became vegetarian), I find for the first time ever, that I have cavities.

I am watching my physical abilities waiver as I grow older, and find more areas in which my flaws are holding me back. It is easy to start uncovering all the ways in which the way my brain works is being influenced by outside mediums. The influences control our lives.

swine flu is a scam
This is where I want to say the swine flu is a big SCAM! I know there have been a lot of deaths south of the border, but the viral strain has not been killing Americans, and while outbreak has begun, it is currently under control. The media has been fed a lot of hype, and are passing it on to us, to scare us. We are supposed to be paying attention to this, because it keeps us indoors, it keeps us antisocial, it keeps us skeptical and scared of new unfamiliar places.

A lot of experts agree, that the level of outbreak is being blown out of proportion. However, many believe that a second wave of flu could be extremely serious and dangerous. If the swine flu is a test run, which people are suggesting, then we need to take the test for real and prepare. I do not recommend digging out a cave and walling yourself in. I think you should live life as you want to live it, but have some extra food and water set aside. Talk to family members about it: 'just in case'.

I think we all need to take a few minutes out of each day to take a deep breath, relax and start understanding our own fears, dreams and goals in life. If we act like a pinball in a government pinball machine, we are the ones getting knocked around while someone else earns all the points.

Make choices based on your own dreams. Find creative ways to get out of financial holes and be hopeful about the future. Never fear tomorrow, and be prepared. Talk with people, ask questions, and be true to yourself. Life is one big balancing act.

I love to talk about philosophies on life, and learn how people find ways to turn a bad situation into a good one. I can feel stressed about one thing, but find ways to convince myself that the stress is creating a new opportunity.

My return to minneapolis this month, finding a new apartment, a new job is weighing heavy on my mind; but the endless possibilities are exciting and make the stress worth having.


The Empty Envelope said...

Bravo! And happy birthday again!

C. L. DeMedeiros said...

everything was blow out of proportion,
I tell you,
the whole paranoia is in other countries...
in Brazil, everything I saw on the news here, is there,
it's like a tsunami on media with a ripple effect.


williamhessian said...

wow. that makes it even more terrifying, the whole world is getting on the bandwagon for being overly scared of the swine flu.

just like anything, be prepared...not terrified.

Anonymous said...

In America 30,000 people die from the regular flu! The words "swine flu" just sounded scary and people ran with it!

When they tried to change the name to H1N1 it all fell apart!