Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Even more floodwater pictures from Jamestown

Each time I go for a run, I bring my camera, and lately I've been heading towards a park. The flood waters have all been diverted into the amazing parks here. Make sure to check out my past few posts for more pictures of the flood waters. The city has done a great job of diverting the dangerous waters and keeping it out of the city streets.

Right now the city is under a water conservation advisory. The sewage systems are overloaded, and in jeopardy of failing. Valley City only a few miles from here, had a sewage break and 400 port-o-poties were put on corners of residential streets and people had to go outside and down the street to go to the bathroom. Not long after that, they evacuated the city. Things are better now, but if Jamestown's sewage system failed, a similar problem would occur.

Enjoy these pictures. It is very surreal, since this is McElroy Park and is never holding water like this. Its a great big park with lots of grass and space, which is now a mini lake.


thetoymaker said...

This is wild! How much of this showed up in mainstream media?


williamhessian said...

msw, not a lot. jamestown's flooding problems were lumped into Fargo and other mid-north dakota cities. Fargo got the biggest press, and since Jamestown is an aftershock it has gotten very little attention.

people here are tired of hearing about it on a local, and seem to want to ignore it. even though it is still, obviously, a problem.