Friday, September 25, 2009

Would you space travel?

If we had the ability to colonize other planets, produce livable conditions on entirely new worlds, would you want to go?

News has just broken that there is water on the moon and water on mars, which means there is chance for life in a lot more places then we initially thought. I wonder if our technology will allow for the robotic colonization of planets with limited human involvement. I can imagine kids driving mining ships by remote, like a video game, into new worlds to collect valuable minerals and materials. How many universal ethical questions do we need to ask before we could make that decision? Has the choice already been made for us?

We have watched science fiction become science reality, and now we need to be asking ourselves: where does the human race goes from here? Especially as the economical climate is so volatile.

When surveying the imbalance of power and resources I find myself rethinking my essay on the rich and powerful going underground. I originally felt that a small minority of leaders were saving materials to go underground in efforts to survive whatever disaster may be on the way, but I now think it may be an effort to escape into space. I know it sounds far
fetched, but I do think it is worth considering.

If someone in a black suit approached you tomorrow, and asked you if you wanted to go into space to start a new life on a new planet....would you do it? You could bring 1 other person, and would never return to earth.....would you do it?


Aleks said...

Yes, and Tina Fey.

Alicia Billings said...

Good question! I probably wouldn't be down with that. But...

What if we could vote on who to send away? I can think of a few we'd be better off without here on earth (Palin, Limbaugh, Beck to name a few)

williamhessian said...

on the other hand, i dont really want to give those people a whole planet, they'd probably corrupt the entire sky.


Aleks said...

Those creeps are lost in space right here on earth.

williamhessian said...


good point aleks

Anonymous said...

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