Saturday, October 10, 2009

Food Poisoning List is Scare Tactics

This report 'make you sick foods' makes me sick. By highlighting the fact that some very healthy foods can make you sick, I think it is serving as a scare tactic to keep people from eating healthy, natural, unprocessed foods.

A better way to label this list would be foods that should be washed. I am pretty sure a majority of the healthy eating crowds wash their food before they put it into their mouth. It takes two seconds to rinse off vegetables, which is a lot quicker than waiting in the drive thru line waiting for the heart attack sandwich and plastic fries. I think articles like the one on health dot com can be very detrimental to our society, as obesity climbs to new heights or new pant sizes.

I think this type of article is also very misreported, as other news sources pick it up and mention the article it slanders the very foods that are essential in our diet. The food we need to be eating, the foods we can grow ourselves. I heard about this article on a talk show (probably Conan O' Brien) when flipping through the channels, and thought it was a ridiculous claim altogether. The actual article is probably factually correct, but puts emphasis on negatives and emphasizes the bads instead of the goods.

Veggies are good! Pass it on!


Barry McMahon said...

I agree. I wash all of my vegetables and cook my food properly so I'm not at all worried. You're right, I want the article to be, "Why so many people are eating themselves to death!" and the story can be all about the commercials for processed foods that dominate the airwaves. A nice paragraph about the plastic packaging this high fructose corn syrup laden wonderworld comes in and its destructive effect on our planet might be more appropriate. I can think of a few things FDA must really stand for!

thetoymaker said...

It's funny how hamburger isn't on that list.

Since I've been a vegetarian I've never had food poisoning. Just wash the dang produce!

jx said...

i find this part of the article interesting...

***** The FDA is responsible for regulating produce, seafood, egg, and dairy products (but not meat), and these 10 foods account for close to 40% of all foodborne illness outbreaks associated with FDA-regulated foods. *****

i'd like to know how this compares to meat, as meat is excluded from this study altogether since it's regulated by an entirely different body (usda). without the comparison, i think it misleads the reader. i attempted a little quick research online but didn't find what i'm looking for. if anyone else wants to take a stab at it, this might be a place to look...

williamhessian said...

that is very interesting, how come the FDA does not regulate meat?

as Barry said, the FDA needs to stand for something, and in my mind they don't mean anything.

I'm wish you MSW, I'm a vegetarian that washes my produce.