Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bacteria controls our lives

A few months ago, I read an article in SEED magazine (one of my favorite magazines) that talked about how interconnected we are to the bacteria in our bodies and minds. Bacteria is infused with our chemistry, and play vital roles in our physical health, mental health, decision making and all other crucial areas of our lives. If you explain to someone what makes us human, one could make a great argument that all of those human traits are controlled, at least in part, by bacteria.

The article explained how cultures of bacteria are extremely diverse from one spot on our body to another. Simply studying the bacteria on the skin of your elbow, and comparing it to the skin of your forearm, you can learn a lot about how diverse and varied the bacteria is. Bacteria is absolutely crucial to keeping us alive. Scientists are finding all sorts of new unknown bacteria in our bodies each year.

Human-Bacteria Hybrid
Upon searching for more information about bacteria in our bodies, and bacteria in the world I have found great articles explaining how we are as much bacteria as human, and therefore should be considered human-bacteria hybrids. If you google it, you will find some great information backing up this idea.

We are the Universe
The thing that keeps popping up in my head as I learn more about bacteria and its relationship to us, is that it seems we are the universe for bacteria to live within. Similar to us and our planet, if we as humans abuse the planet, the planet has the ability to change climates to make living on it unsustainable, thus killing us off. When we have bacteria that is making us sick, our body temperature rises to kill off the bacteria.

I plan to write more about this, as I learn more about it.


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