Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What can you use Olive Oil for?

You can use olive oil for everything!

Buy Olive Oil in Bulk
I use olive oil as lotion, lip moisturizer, for dandruff, to cook with and to make salad dressings. Olive Oil is simply an amazing thing. You need to make sure you buy extra virgin olive oil, because its the best quality, it may cost more but it is worth it. Buy olive oil in bulk, because it is cheaper and you will use it for almost everything. Olive Oil is expensive, but when you consider that olive oil replaces so many other products, and performs better, and is better for you; its easy to see why it is worth the money. I have not purchased lotion in years.

Olive Oil can be used as lotion
Anytime I have dry skin I simply pour a little into my palm and put it on my lips, hands, scalp or face and immediately I see improvement. I've had friends with really dry hands, who buy expensive lotions and try every product on the shelves finally try olive oil and low and behold olive oil cures all. It is not a temporary fix, olive oil actually puts oil back into your skin.

Olive Oil can be used on your whole body. My mother has been doing this for years, and her skin helps her look about 20 years younger than she is. My girlfriend also uses olive oil after baths, and her skin is as soft as anyone I've ever met. Putting olive oil on a partner is also a very sensual thing to do. It also works as a perfect massage oil; you can dry lavender, flower petals of other aromatic things to the oil if you want to add some nice scents to your massage. The greeks' were on to olive oil, and all the new products we produce just does not match the great power of the oil from olives.

Food and Cooking with Olive Oil
Cooking with olive oil is great (i never use butter anymore). Making homemade salad dressings with olive oil is also very tasty. Pour a little olive oil on a plate, toss in some freshly chopped garlic cloves and you've got a great dip for your favorite warm bread. If you search for recipes on google you can find a million ways to take advantage of olive oil in your meals.

If you enjoyed this health tip, stay tuned for my 4 best health tips on a tight budget.

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