Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Biggest Oil Spill Ever

I have specifically avoided writing about the 2010 oil spill, basically because I do not know what to say. Anyone careless enough to override safety precautions for something so important should be locked away forever, and the country who let the government take advantage of them and exploit them and put their lives in dangers are also to blame, and lastly the entire world for doing less to protect and understand global implications of potential disasters should also be punished for their lack of awareness. I feel just as guilty and taken advantage of as the next guy, in fact twice fold. I watched multiple documentaries on the Exxon Valdez oil spill and was irate at the fact that I did not pay attention to it or raise awareness about it at the time.

I think everything involving the extraction of oil from the earth needs to stop. People should just stop letting this happen. I would like to envision a world that could stop supporting the oil trade because the risk is not worth the reward (or boycott until the risk is well managed and safe beyond any doubt). However, I know this is a pipe dream (a broken pipe dream if you prefer). Oil consumption is embedded in our way of life. Petroleum products are infused with our vision of living life. I wish I could stop driving a car.... but I also want to be able to drive to work, buy groceries, and travel on my own time. The oil spill makes me so upset. I do not buy gas from BP, but I'm sure they do not notice, and I'm sure all the other companies use the same shoddy methods and cut corners. Who can you trust? All I can trust is that I will feel guilty at the pump. Each time I fill my car I can imagine pouring oil all over a baby pelican's head and am forced to watch it writhe in agony until it takes its final breath and dies. Because each time I buy gas, I am buying a future oil spill, or supporting the last one.

I can barely bring myself to talk about the global impact the current oil spill is causing. It could be the end of seafood, the end of the world. Think I am being over dramatic? The ripple effects of so much toxic oil in the water will upset the entire ecosystem, food system, and weather system for years to come.

The more I learn about history, both ancient history and modern, I start to really worry about the implications of frantic behavior. The majority, or the wealthy, seem to be guiding the world into a very specific place. Raping the world of its fuels (for what?) and finding ways to exploit the masses in order to run secret agendas. People always say it is about the money, follow the money, but I strongly believe the money is just HOW they are doing 'it'. And I currently am not really sure what 'it' is, or what 'it' leads to. It seems to me there is a master plan, or at least a master quota to be met. Things are happening for a reason, and the earth seems to be the most helpless entity in the galaxy.

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