Friday, July 2, 2010

The Grove- Hansen's Natural Soda

One cool bonus about blogging, is that sometimes companies will send you free products to try, in hopes that you will blog about them. I don't get anything big like electronics or cars, probably because I don't blog about those things. I do get occasional health products and natural soda. This is because of my series of blogs about quitting soda forever, my campaign against high fructose corn syrup and switching to natural soda.

I have written a few blogs already about Hansen's soda, some have been positive and some negative. After I began enjoying their products I found a 'natural' drink they sold with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Needless to say I was not happy and I wrote about it. A few weeks later a Hansen's rep assured me all of those HFCS drinks were being pulled and the full switch to cane sugar was taking place. Ever since then, they have been proving their claim by sending me samples of their new product. Keep in mind, I blog about these products on my own free will because I have something to say, not because they are giving me free things. I think healthier natural soda's are very important to know about.

Today, I got a shipment of new soda flavors. Most notably the limited edition called 'The Grove'. Almost three years ago I gave up drinking soda, and immediately began looking for replacements. I have switched mainly to tea, juice and the occasional energy drink (which I know is worse than soda- however its in a lots smaller quantities). Hansen's and other nautral sodas have become great alternatives, especially when I need a soda drink. I feel a lot less guilty and do not have to sacrifice health and taste. If you are wondering why natural soda is better than Coke or Pepsi brands, it is pretty simple. First, there is natural cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup and HFCS is much more damaging to our bodies. Secondly, there is only a few ingredients in natural soda, and I actually know what they are. Mystery ingredients, things that you can not pronounce or have no idea what makes them are usually really bad for you. Stick to ingredients you know and you will be healthier.

Now back to Hansen's the Grove soda. I came home from a 20 minute walk in the 95 degree North Dakota sun. I sat down and poured myself a glass of 'the Grove' and the clear non-syrupy carbinated soda smelled a lot like Sprite:

In fact, the Grove looks, smells and even tastes like Sprite. I actually had a sip of sprite last weekend while travelling from Minnesota to North Dakota and the carbonation hurt the back on my throat and my eyes watered. The Grove was smooth and full of flavors, it is light and refreshing. The drink itself reminded me a little of Fresca, but less peach and more cherry 7up-ish. I would drink it again, and in fact is one of my favorite flavors in the Hansen's line, right up there with the Root Beer. After being in the heat this drink hit the spot. It did not leaving me craving more, nor did I slam it in two seconds, but it was a perfect cool drink on a hot day.

I am not sure if 'The Grove' is even in stores. But if you see them on the shelves of your heath food store and you like sprite, 7up or Fresca you should try this stuff. I would to know what you think, especially if you are a regular soda drinker. Compare the natural stuff to your usual drink and tell me what you think.


thetoymaker said...

Let me know where we can get some! We drink tons of soda water and it would be nice to have a tasty, healthy alternative to the regular cola swill.


Anonymous said...

Amazon started selling it (Hansen) and they have a promo going (9/4/2010)

Anonymous said...

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