Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chiropractic care at age 28

At age 28 I am paying to have my back cracked, readjusted, snapped etc. I have never had back problems, or neck problems until recently. Kelsey, my girlfriend, went in to have her neck/back adjusted. Kelsey had major trauma in her youth and had real back pain. The adjustments made her feel 100 times better, and she started handing me the reading material on spinal care and noticing the signs of an injured/damaged spine.

The signs that stood out to me were:

Uncomfortable during long car rides
Cracking or popping
Sleeping on stomach
bad posture
uncomfortable when standing for long periods of time

I had all of these symptoms and some of the other things listed. I became concerned for my own spine health. After working 3 years at an old folks home in Minneapolis, I had seen really awesome people who had a lot of difficulties performing normal tasks due to the curvature or abnormality of their spines. People were bent so far over that they had a hard time doing much more than walk. I remember once sweet lady who had all of the contents in her fridge positioned on the bottom row of her fridge because she couldn't lift her neck high enough to see even the middle section of her fridge. She owned and used no frozen items. A bad spine is a cage.

Since I still hope to live forever, I decided I needed to take steps to ensure my spine is in good condition. After my x-rays the doctor told me I had a few irregularities that, while not painful now, would eventually lead to bigger and more painful problems later. The actual cracking of my neck was scary. The first adjustment he took my head and spun it to the side gently; the proceeding cracking felt like someone shot me with a shotgun and my hands immediately started to sweat. After another series of crackings I went home to nap and ice my neck and back. Yesterday was my third adjustment and things aren't nearly as terrifying as the first one. My neck is feeling better, with a lot more flexibility and movement. My neck still cracks when I spin it in a circle, but otherwise things seem to be getting better. So far I have spent a little over 200 dollars fixing my spinal cord, and I think it is a great investment in my future.

I am also working with my doctor to limit actions that are causing my spine to be abnormal. Long periods of time staring downward (artwork), sitting for long periods of time, whiplash (from my violent sneezes), sleeping on my stomach and bad posture. These things I am working on fixing in my daily life in order to keep future visits to the back doctor to a minimum. Hopefully my spine is on its way to perfect health again.

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