Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Mandarin Moon

The moon here in Maine comes up like a giant slice of mandarin orange. The bright orange moon hangs just slightly over the horizon and bobs above and below the trees as you drive over the hilly landscape. If the sun was out you could see the farm stands selling cukes, taters, beans, and peppers. Or see the food stands in people's drive ways with large signs advertising: hot dogs, chips, soda, lobster.

From the westside of the midwest, to the east side of the east side; Kelsey and myself have landed firmly in Unity, Maine. In just two weeks we have driven 3 cats, a turtle and ourselves 2100 miles, found jobs, moved in to a new apartment, and explored the ocean (multiple times). Kelsey has already been on a one-week camping trip, started college classes, and began running with the cross country team. Our apartment is nothing to write home about, however the view from our door overlooks a horse farm, a normal farm and a landscape of nature growing from the stream that seperates our backyard from Kelsey's college; the Unity College campus.

Maine itself feels comforting and familiar, while still being both unique and full of variety. Every road has a gutter full of trees that sprawl out over the land, which is very reminiscant of northern Minnesota. The ocean, which is only 30 minutes away from us, gives me flashbacks of our short trip to Reykjavik, Iceland. The ocean landscapes here take your breath away, and no camera has the ability to capture; believe me I've tried. The coast is freckled with sailboats, islands, purple mountains far off in the distance, beaches, and lighthouses. The smooth and winding roads the connect everything are filled with cute little shops, and interesting rural towns. In a few spots when you get up high on a hill overlooking the lushious green landscape I could swear I was in Ireland again, and then around the next bend I feel like I'm back in Northen Minnesota again enveloped in trees.

My first job in Maine, was to find a job in Maine. We found a great little sandwhich shop just down the road; featuring a great menu with vegetarian options and a focus on fresh and local ingredients from nearby farms. 'Crosstrax Deli' it said on the hanging sign, and on the door as we walked it had another hanging sign, this one said; 'Now Hiring'. The next day, I was called to come in at noon and by 5 o'clock that evening I was running the show. Making cobb salad wraps, buffalo bill sandwiches, and slinging scones and muffins at everyone walking in the door. The food is outstanding. The shop itself looks like it was plucked from Uptown, Minneapolis; with anti-modern decor, function over fashion, and a focus on a healthy and delicious menu (organic/local). Kelsey has also been hired there, to work a few times a week when she does not have classes. The people, both customers and co-workers, are friendly and really fun to be around. The owner was excited to hire me, and has asked me to be in charge of setting up art shows in the resturaunts large seating area. I cannot wait to put together art shows and hang some of my own artwork on the walls.

While it is sad to be so far away from friends and family, with everything that has happened in the short time since we entered Maine, it is pretty easy to look up at the mandarin orange moon each night, and (at least temporarily) call this place home.

Here's just a few photos from our trip to Camden Hills:

the sun setting through the trees

View of the coast from the shore of the ocean

After an uphill hike, you can look over the ocean

A really amazing view


Anonymous said...

It sounds fantastic! And love the photos. Can't wait to hear more from the State of Maine.

Barry McMahon said...

That's good news, man! I made wraps tonight for the family,they were great. I'm sure yours are delicious. Great view there, enjoy the coast!