Thursday, September 15, 2011

30 Day Break from Facebook

From September 16th until October 16th I will not log in to my Facebook account. My Facebook profile image will be this:

Many people go on cleansing health diets, some religions fast, often times people give up things for lent. I need to put my brain on a Facebook fast. I love passive aggressive socializing as much as the next guy, maybe more than the next guy. I often spend hours of time on Facebook when I should be sleeping, working on art projects, cleaning or paying bills. I blame my addictive personality for this problem more than Facebook itself, but it is such a potent tool for communication and an endless trap of insubstantial information. Facebook is a communication tool that slowly takes over large parts of our lives. Like the cell phone, another thing I boycotted. I did have have a cell phone for the first 29 years of my life (newsflash I got a cell phone this year. you can read about it: sad truth: i now own a cell phone). I need 30 days to let my mind relax, give my brain a break from reading notifications and looking at pictures of hundreds of people who I don't communicate with on a regular basis.

I want to write at least a dozen hand written letters in this 30 days. I want to put on music and sit down at my art supplies, instead of at my computer. It is sad that I have to force myself to take 30 days off in order to get myself to follow through with these actions. I can be very weak when presented with an easy way to distract myself from other concerns, and Facebook needs a break.

My mindbrain needs a break from the Facebook

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