Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5 days with 25 days left to go

I have given up Facebook for 30 days in an effort to curb my addictive tendencies towards the social media website. Yes, I am on a Facebook fast! It has only been 5 days and yet it feels like weeks. I feel oddly disconnected, and oddly at peace. There are so many moments in between doing tasks where my instinct is to check Facebook. After I eat...check Facebook. After I watch a video on Youtube...check Facebook. After I wake up from a nap....check Facebook. I had no idea how many times this urge appears over the course of a day.

I am already fantasizing about the 31st day. When the fast is over, I will log into Facebook and see a bunch of messages and tons of notifications. Oh how sweet it will be. I will feel so popular. However, the whole point of this fast was to turn my attention to other things, art projects, blogging, daily chores, showering.

I woke up today and I had a bad hangover and I questioned if in my unplanned drunken night, that I may have broke my fast. It would be quite a failure. I do not get drunk very often, but last night I did. Way too drunk actually. Enough to drunk dial people and even drunk e-mail some people. I have only done this a handful of times in my life and it is not very flattering. Meanwhile, I was very nervous to check my browsing history but found that I had somehow held true to fast even in my drunken stupor. Lucky me. But giving up getting that drunk should be my first adjective, because that is never fun. Thankfully, I held true to my vow and hope not throw my own monkey into my wrenches....if that makes any sense.

25 days left to go.

And when it is all over I plan to set new limits and expectations on my use and abuse of social media.

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