Monday, October 22, 2007

Bearded Bunnies: LIVE

I have currently begun the Bearded Bunny Project and am doing so LIVE on billyjay00. Come watch the progress, chat, make suggestions.

The Project
If you missed the intro to this project then visit the
Bearded Bunny Ball Project. The goal is to create a number of artworks, make tiny prints and sell the results in a number of places online.

The Bunnies
I am continuing to create as many bunnies as I can. Ten prints of each will be created, hand numbered and hand signed, then framed. Here is the current totals:

Current number created: 12
Limited prints (hand signed): 10
Total: 120

The project was kicked off this weekend, when I sold $43 dollars worth of Bearded Bunnies at an art show. I sold 9 total bunnies. This immediate success is good to get this project off to a good start.

Keep in mind I havn't even gotten to the online portion of this project. So the numbers will remain at zero until I get some bunnies online for sale. I still need to figure out shipping, take pictures, ect.

Ebay: 0
Online store: 0
Art Show: 9 ($43)
Other: 0

Bunnies sold: 9
Turning Art into Cash Totals: $43

Upcoming: The total costs of this projects to date, overall strategy and cash update.

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