Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Boylan's alien root beer

A Healthy Soda

The search for a great tasting Root Beer that is actually good for you. I have recently stopped drinking soda, see my 5 tips to quitting soda forever blog. Since quitting soda, I have been trying out all natural root beer brands, this is the fourth review. I've listed all brands I have tried at the bottom of the blog. I plan to try as many as possible and review them here on Zombie Robot Frosting.


All root beer that I drink must not have any high fructose syrup included nor aspertane. Those ingredients are a deathmark for any drink on the market, and extremely bad for your health (especially since I plan on living forever). Secondly, the root beer must be natural or organic. And lastly the drink may not include any caffiene. Which luckily for me, most root beers do not have.

Today's Root Beer on the pedistol is:

Boylan's Root Beer:

Simple and bold graphics gave me confident in Boylan's product. I was eager to taste what came out of this bottle. It boasts being the 'The Natural Kind' on each bottle, and down it went.

Boylan's tastes like a strange alien root beer from outer space. In fact, I would definately not market this product as root beer at all, I would market this product as a chilled spice & root drink. Listen to the ingredients inside Boylan's root beer: pure essential oils of sweet birch, sassafras, anise, cinnamon, bourbon vanilla, yucca and licorice. Sounds pretty damn impressive...but it is not root beer, and barely resembles root beer in anyway. I did not hate the flavor, but when I am drinking a root beer, I prefer it to taste like root beer. Boylan's most definately is a taste experience.

My biggest problem doing these natural root beer reviews is the lack of creaminess. If Boylan's was an english speaking person, the word "creamy" wouldn't even be in his vocabulary. The liquid is as watery of a consistence as you can get with all those ingredients. Boylan's texture gets a definate bad review from me.

To go along with the ingredients listed above, the smell is equally as foriegn. It tends to smell a bit more like root beer than it tastes. Simply, not a very typical smelling root beer.

$5.70 for a four pack of 12 oz. bottles. Boylan's is right in the wheelhouse, pricewise for a bottled root beer. Coming in a four pack does not bother me a bit, although I would have appreciated buying just one and not having to have the other three to stare at after I decided this root beet was not for me.

5 out of 10
(I always like to rank my reviews for comparison's sake)

If the 'Natural Kind' of root beer, means it has to taste like a pink river on mars then I will pass. The root beer was just too odd tasting for me, it lacked any signs of creaminess or that classic root beer smell. In my opinion it is not worth the price. If you enjoy trying spicy drinks give Boylan's a try. It has a flavor that is worth trying, and it filled with a great line up of wacky ingredients.

The Root Beer search continues....
Hopefully there is a healthy natural root beer out there, that fits my budget and my fridge. Until I find it, check out my past root beer reviews and see how they match up to Boylan's offerings:

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So, how many root beers (sodas) have you had since you quit drinking soda?

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