Thursday, January 17, 2008

every living creature


My last post was a depressing letter to a friend who has just lost his father. I always have struggled with the concept of death, and have found peace in considering the life extension studies and the possiblities of realistic immortality. The passing of my childhood friends father led me right back to the immortality institute's forums.

A Full Member

Immortality Institute finally has reopened their website. It is now revamped and snazzy. They have some of my favorite forums on the internet, its a small community, but the topics that circulate there are exactly the types of things that I find important or interesting. I renewed my account to be a full supporting member. The money I donate to become a member helps the maintenance of the website and helps fund the continuation of life extension research. This is all part of my elaborate Strategy to become immortal.

Immortality Program Outline

During my immortality search, I found an interesting Immortality outline, which describes in very good detail an outline to extending ones life. I found it extremely interesting and worthy of reading. I am not sure who is responsible for writing it, but I found it very useful information.

Life Goes On

Despite the looming death that hangs over every living creature, life goes on. Therefore I am trying to use my emotions as a catalyst to dedication and hard work. There are many things I want to accomplish in my lifetime whether it lasts 40 years or 140. I better get cracking.

Best of luck to everyone.

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