Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I want...

I could not sleep.

Sometimes I hate the idea of spending time sleeping, although I do understand sleeps' importance in functioning. My 5 steps to become immortal was a very real list that I plan to follow for the rest of my life. Often times I ask myself why we are all faced with such mundane problems and tasks like paying taxes, cell phone texting, driving to work, buying & paying video games, watching sports. These are all things I do (minus the texting because I do not own a cell phone). If I really search myself in each passing moment I feel more and more compelled to search out knowledge, create art and give my time to the things I care about.

Never Enough

I just happen to be one of those people that are never satisfied. I can never create too many drawings, read too many books, learn enough about renewable energy. I want to build my own solar panels. I want to buy my own robots. I want to quit eating and sleeping. I want to write books and learn different languages. I want to travel. I want to meet Aubrey De Grey and grow a beard just like him. It is frustrating to want to do all this, knowing there just is not enough time, especially when each "I want..." listed above comes with a laundry list of things I want to go along with the original "I want". I really enjoy living.... but I can't help but crave immortality.

I want....and therefore I struggle.

As evidenced in the picture below.

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BroTee said...

Everyone of us want to LIVE for ever. We crave immortality from the depth of our hearts.
Well the way I'm going about living for ever is by handing over my earthly life to Jesus, so I can live for eternity.

Thanks for visiting my blog Saved By Jesus I will include your name in my long register. Cheers.

williamhessian said...

keep up the good blogging. i like your blog, and thanks for stopping and leaving a good comment!

۞۞ SERDY ۞۞ said...

nice blog

Healthy Tips said...

Yeah...to live forever.. many wants that, but I don't think Brotee is right that everyone wants that.