Thursday, January 3, 2008

Virgil makes root beer

A Healthy Soda

The search for Root Beer that is good for you. I have recently stopped drinking soda, see my 5 tips to quitting soda forever blog. Recently, I have been trying out all natural root beer brands, this is the third. I've currently reviewed Old Fashioned and Hansen's brands. I plan to try as many as possible and review them here on Zombie Robot Frosting.


All root beer that I drink must not have any high fructose syrup included. This is a deathmark for any drink on the market, and extremely bad for your health. Secondly, the root beer must be natural or organic, and lastly the drink may not include any caffiene. Which luckily for me, most root beers do not have.

Today's Root Beer on the pedistol is:

Virgil's Root Beer

Virgil's root beer is micro brewed and won "outstanding beverage" from NAFST, or so the bottle says. Please notice in the picture above the potatoe stew and the game of battleship being played on the left.

Nice cold bottle. Nifty label with root growing around the text, and even a burly guy holding a tray of rootbeer in a pitcher. Root Beer in a pitcher! Genius. See top picture if you want a close up gander at that label. Not bad artwork for a bottle. I give Virgil's a good score for appearence, since it is unique and colorful.

The root beer was hearty and good flavored. Virgil knows how to micro brew apparently and the drink was a great compliment to the stew and the game of battleship. A game I won by the way. The root beer was sweet, but not overly sweet and did not overdo itself with odd ingredients. It also had a great after taste.

Virgil's was lacking some thick creaminess as are both of the previous reviews. It had some foaminess to it, but it quickly fissled like any soda and from there was a bit too watered down.

Excellent root beet smell. No complaints.

$1.70 for a 12 oz. bottle. Natural Root Beer seems to come in a great deal of price ranges. Hansen's, my current favorite, at 63 cents a 12.5 oz can was by far the cheapest. In Virgil's defense, the price was slightly higher at the coffee shop rate, and probably sells in stores for a more moderate $1.45 or so. That being said, it is still a bit on the pricey side, but worth it to splurge on Virgil's when you need a good root beer to go with your meal.

8 out of 10
(I always like to rank my reviews for comparison's sake)
The price and lack of creaminess did not match the quality of a can of Hansen's Root Beer, Virgil's was still a great tasting root beer. It is one I would splurge then and again when it is available (and as I can tell it is not available very many places). However, it is not the root beer I will buy cases of to stock in my fridge. the search is still ongoing for that particular root beer.

Hopefully there is a healthy natural root beer out there, that fits my budget and my fridge. Until I find it, check out my past root beer reviews and see how they match up to Virgil's offerings:

Old Fashioned: 7 out of 10
Hansen's: 8.5 out of 10

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