Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hundreds of the best independent video games of 2008

The internet is a breeding ground for small quirky independent games. Recently, ive been researching games in order to help market and promote my own collectable card game that I have created.

The best independent game of 2008

In this process, I have stumbled upon an incredible, new list of independent games to try. The best of 2008 Independent Games. Nearly all of them feature free download trials. I have only gone through one or two of them so far, but I am creating a list of the ones I want to try in the future, and I've only made it a quarter of the way down and I already have a dozen games that I really want to try. Some are old school, some are spoofs, and some are innovative and different.

Independent video games have filled this nitch for a great number of video game voids, like the side scroller, the puzzle game, the solitare types, the RPG, the entertaining humor, and the completely unique and different. It is really fun to find a list this credible and exciting with new games I have never heard of before.

Please try out a few of these 2008 Independent Games and leave me a comment with the ones you approve or disprove of. I will also reply with comments on those games which I happen the really enjoy.

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another good one

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It is awful to watch. It is like the current admin opened the doors to the store and walked away.

"Oh, well, I am on my way out, so let me pay back all my friends..."