Tuesday, March 18, 2008


A new video I have made about my fight with junk mail.


Print your own KILL JUNK MAIL flyers and learn more about the project:

Help support the Art as Treasure: Art Tour 2008

See my first kill junk mail post and the get fluoride out of our water post.


Brian said...

Personally I've always loved what you're doing. I think it's awesome to make them pay for postage, even if it is just pennies to them.

Playing the devil's advocate, you're basically doing the same thing to them as what they are doing to you (but that's probably your objective). I don't really know if I agree with "two wrongs don't make a right", but objectively looking at the situation one could argue that.

I don't know if this is necessarily an "evil corporation" thing either. I think the evil-corporation card is overplayed. This country would be in shambles without corporations. Think of how many jobs that stupid junk mail creates. Again, I hate junk mail as much as anybody, but there are good things that can come out of it. Most corporation-haters would be surprised at how dependant on corporations they really are.

And don't forget about the pizza coupons! I don't mind getting those.

You could always do this:

...but that wouldn't be as fun as sending the mail back to annoying companies.

Good video.

Ray said...

Way to go! If I had an address where I got junk, I would do that all the time!

Tiss brilliant to market to that quantum demographicz

williamhessian said...

Brian, i agree that an eye for an eye and everyone is blind argument. However, I'm not sending 6 sheets of paper to millions of people. I am sending 2 4th page flyers that are printed on scrap paper to the 200 companies that send junk to me.

I am not going to argue whether or not corporations contribute things to the US economy and the economy that directly effects me. I still honestly beleive that these mega corporations are selfishly ruining the infrastruture of america. Large corporations make choices to improve profits above anything else.

It seems like such a slutty system to simply mail out millions of junk mail hoping to catch people when they are struggling financially and essentially trap them into credit cards they can never pay off.....then these poor saps have to get....you guessed it low end jobs at these shitty corporations to pay off their ever growing bills.

Granted i am basically talking only about credit card companies here....while I recieve a good number of junk mail from other sources as well.

That prohibitory order would be an interesting option....when i get sick of sending out all this KILL JUNK MAIL stuff, I will look into filling out 200 Prohibitory Orders.

Brian said...

I'm not going to deny corporate greed, but it starts at the simplest level with the individual. It's part of being human, there will always be greedy people.

I agree with you that it's a stupid advertising technique and it's very annoying. Although don't blame CapitalOne because someone signs up for a credit card and then gets in debt. The person signing up should know what they are getting into. And if they don't, they're stupid.

You can't blame corporations for trying to drive revenue. That's why they are in business. They're not in business to cater to everyone's needs at their expense. But again, I hate junk mail just as much as anyone, so I don't necessarily agree with that advertising technique.

Without these corporations, you wouldn't have 85% of the things you own now. You wouldn't have this blog, your computer, your car, etc. So the idea of a large corporation is not bad in itself, but the immoral business practices of some can be questioned and should be exposed.

williamhessian said...

i agree.

nice post.

Offgrid said...

Ha - Great idea - I'm going to sell my Art Work that way to. http://www.rodborghese.com

Thanks for the great idea !