Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday's Overpriced Tea

Honest Tea is one of a number of new health conscious drinks that have been showing up in your organic isles of the food markets. I am a huge tea enthusiast lately, since it has been my substitute of choice to replace drinking soda. My top 5 alternatives for soda has been a good resource for those also giving up the evil soda.

I find it amazing how much money iced tea costs. All iced tea is hot water and leaves. Granted, if you are going to pay $1.50 for a drink it is much better to be paying for something that is good for you, as opposed to the also inflated price of soda which is simply poison and sugar. I suggest everyone should quit drinking soda (i am 7 months free of soda).

Honest Tea is actually a very tastey product. Keep in mind, I like my tea unsweetened and quite strong. I enjoyed every flavor of honest tea. I cannot afford to buy the product consistently, and I brew myself a few gallons of my own loose leaf iced tea daily anyways. It is fun to try these products and watch unsweetened tea product appear on the shelves. Honest is also a great tea for those who like to add lemon, sugar, milk, cinnamon etc. Since it is a perfect base for any combination you enjoy.

Now if we can just get fluoride and other horrible poisions out of our water and stop global warming we will be just fine.

Drink tea, live forever!

Thanks for reading.


Debra ~ said...

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Book Calendar said...

Why don't you just drink juice. Apple cider is easy to get.

williamhessian said...

i like juice & do drink a lot of cider in fact.

My number one advice is drinking a combo of juice & tea.

although, i do find myself still craving other things. Caffiene for one, and I am trying to find as many good options as possible.

thanks for the comment