Friday, June 13, 2008

Do rich people like incense?

I was standing in my art gallery hanging an art show and rich people like incense?

I know for a fact many spiritual people, illegal drug smoking people, some down to earth people, and hippie type people enjoy burning incense. But not once I have I seen, smelt or heard of a celebrity or rich person (that doesnt fit into the mentioned catergories) that enjoys incense.

What the heck do rich people use for fragrances? Or do they use some new age incense invention that us less fortunate people are not even aware of. OR... do they all own maids and cleaning people that take care of any odor problem they may have?

Hopefully someone out there reading this has some insight into my question.

Do rich people like incense?

While you ponder that aromatic question please also check out my Obama video and also quit drinking soda forever


williamhessian said...

no one knows!

Kris said...


matthew said...

The answer is no we do not. Thank you.