Monday, January 19, 2009

ALIEN 2012

sketch by william hessian

The last few months, co-workers, friends, family, bloggers and even random strangers have been asking me about the end of the world. I have had conversations about aliens, pole reversal, comet strikes, bird flu, martial law, famine, the mayan calendar, nostradamus, population control and a million other conspiracies. Personally, I find it extremely fun to talk about.

I, like a lot of people around the world, have been harboring a growing curiosity around the 2012 myths (as seen on the history channel's Armageddon Week and countless blogs and youtube videos). This is evident in the books I have been reading (sitchen, strieber, geryl etc.) and the researching I been doing on and off for years. I know the person who runs global disaster watch (a site that monitors natural disasters worldwide) very well, and have been seeing warning signs of unusual behavior. My opinion on the concept of the end of the world, especially being an immortalist (one who wants to live forever). So here it goes:

My prediction
As people start reacting irrationally to the unknown threats which December 21st 2012 guarantee to bring us, those who act rationally and make smart conservative choices will be the most prepared to handle the situation. I do not think there will be one huge mass extermination of human life or overall swooping of destruction, but instead a very slow almost invisible change (which is already happening) that will lead to escalations in humankind turmoil. Like boiling live crabs, we will never realize how bad things are until we are dead, which is why we much act now, and understand the world around us. Learn. Temperatures extremes both hot and cold will rise and fall (only a few degrees a year), forcing people from both hot and cold climates to consider relocation to milder weather climates. Water levels will rise, slowly pushing back ocean bordering civilizations towards the center of continents. Extreme disasters (hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, earthquakes etc) will continue to rise, and consistently kill off small portions of populations in vulnerable locations. Due to the migration of people based on those three issues, populations will rise in safer parts of the world, and clashes between shortage of food, cultures, and land will cause war and fighting. The violence will be counteracted around the world by an increase in defense in military, police and structural manners. I feel that the shift will realign and restructure land, people, animals and weather at a rate unseen or unpredicted by all modern scientists while happening slow enough that limits widespread panic.

Based on conversations with some of you, my readers, and friends: you may be disappointed to hear I do not predict the arrival of alien spacecraft, or the surfacing of alien communication with world leaders. While I am very interested in such concepts, I strongly feel if it has not happened yet, that it won't magically or drastically happen on December 21st 2012. More likely would be a constant stream of alien propaganda (movies/books/articles) thats will slowly convince us all that the aliens are already here and a normal occurrence that we do not need to feel threatened by. Having said that, I am explaining and admitting that I do believe in aliens and their encounters with human beings. As I said above, I do not think a link between aliens and 2012 will be something that we are exposed to as 'normal' human beings, I have heard many things to believe that behind the scenes the deterioration of planet earth is understood and being watched intently by extra intelligent life. Anyone wishing to talk further about this, I welcome conversation in the comment section or by e-mail. Although I prefer intelligent, educated, conversions and will ignore any other type.

I have already decided what I am going to do to prepare for 2012. It is the same thing that I do to prepare for any disaster or impending threat. I educate myself, keep myself healthy and make smart decisions. I wrote a list of ten things to do if you lost your job in 2009, and I feel the list is also a great list of things to do if you are worried about 2012. Do not lose hope, grow your own food, alternative transportation, buy locally grown goods, sell excess goods, volunteer, build things, eat less meat, and stockpile food and water. The most important things to do are be mentally prepared for anything, and be educated. If you are ill, out of shape, taking pills or lazy... i suggest trying to remedy these things as soon as you can. I spend a lot of my free time thinking of new inventions and solutions to problems that might arise, check out my silo home-solution to underground living.

The future is going to bring us some amazing things, including some amazingly bad things, and we must be ready to face them all and be the answer we are looking for. You can be an expert in anything you want, all you need to devotion, time and confidence. We must survive, and our first duty must be to protect the earth.


The Empty Envelope said...

We are very much on the same page with what we think. I started thinking more like this once 9/11 happened. What happens if my family and I do not have access to food and water, warm clothes, etc?

I look at 2012 with hope though.

One of the more interesting things to me is the 52 year cycles in the Mayan calendar. We are definitely in interesting times.

williamhessian said...

The mayan calendar is fascinating. We get to see the end of one cycle and the start of a new cycle. I also have hope for 2012, and in fact, am very excited to be alive during this time.

I know we can change the world.

The Empty Envelope said...

I hope we can too. 1908 brought about things that had to be dealt with in 1960, like the invention of the technology for nuclear weapons and colonizing so many countries in Africa. 1960 set in motion things we are still trying to make peace with, the Civil Rights movement (which today...JOY!) and Kennedy's legacy.

I find it fitting that Bono (U2) was born in 1960 and if Obama was a term baby, he would have been conceived then.

Melissa said...

I agree... I do not, nor have I ever thought even in 2000 that the world would drastically end, but if anything, a slow and steady decline as we have seen already (even since 2000).

I came across your blog with a Google search on 2012 and the Alien part made me read it (thinking you were actually serious, which made me laugh).

If you are looking for a laugh about 2012, I also came across a "surviving 2012" blog, which I also enjoyed reading.

Thanks for your views on 2012! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Sketch
Check out the 2012 movie direct from the source.
Filmed for 5 years in Guatemala.