Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grilling Tempeh: the best meat substitute around

A year ago, you couldn't find me even getting near tempeh (a meat substitute) made with compressed soy, vegetables, or grains. However, just based on this meal I cooked last night, I must admit I am even shocked by my adaptation to an acceptance and actual hunger for vegetarian foods.

This meal is based around grilling tempeh like you would any meat patty, it really looks and smells good. Look at the golden brown texture in the photo.

I then top the tempeh with sour cream, green olives, sunflower seeds, cheddar cheese and green pepper. Add in a small roast of carrots and potatoes, and a pile of spinach and you got yourself one great meal. This plateful is probably pushing two servings of food, and since I do not eat breakfast it tends to result in large helpings for dinner.

I am very interested in immortality and the future well being of our race on this planet. This is why I have chosen to stop eating meat, and even began calorie restrictions (based on the eat less live longer strategy). My next step is to avoid all fluoride, and reduce my sugar intake.

With the world crumbling down around us, it is all the more important to stay healthy, eat right, be aware, learn new skills and face the future with your best efforts. If you are cutting back on spending in 2009, make sure not to cut back on good quality food (organic veggies and fruit)! And if you really want to save money try my philosophy of never buying new.


williamhessian said...

kris if you read this, this post was inspired by your Day 198 photo.

Jo Hoffacker said...

Thanks for the info! I will see if I can hunt this stuff down.

Health and Fitness said...

Thanks for this very informative post. This is a nice blog and will be looking forward to read more from you.

Michael said...

I have started avoiding red meat. I already avoid fluoride.
I will have to try some Tempeh

Michael said...

Oh man! I was not even thinking about fluoride in the water. I was only thinking about toothpaste. I do have a filter on my water but I don't know if it filters out the fluoride. However, filtered water can become to acidic and some suggest problems from that there too.

thetoymaker said...

Oh man! That looks delish!

I've been a veg for eleven years and never eaten a lot of Tempeh... I'll have to try it out!