Friday, February 27, 2009

A cute story about beans

First, there was a young man (me) who had just recently become vegetarian(see: no more meat). He ventured to his favorite food store in the whole world, the Wedge Co-Op in Minneapolis. The Wedge has wonderful healthy foods, but can be quite expensive for a young man, especially since he is a starving artist.

This particular visit to his favorite store, he was marveling at the glorious food choices and managed to run into a sample cart (where people give you free food to taste-hoping you will buy it). This particular sample was a casadilla with cheddar cheese and...

Amy's Refried Beans. As he put this tiny morsel in his mouth, it felt as if the heavens opened up to enlighten his vegetarian mind of such a tasty bean product. I should preface the story to admit, even as a meat eater, this young man loved Amy's frozen enchilada;s; although rarely had the funds to satiate such desires. During his meat phase, beans were not at all appetizing to him. Meanwhile, the great refried beans in his mouth at the sample cart, were so tasty that he could not help but buy two cans; and ever since that day the young man eats Amy's refried beans nearly everyday; sometimes even cold (which is saying a lot since he rarely ate beans prior). To say that the sample cart worked in an understatement. The young man thanks Amy's Refried Beans everyday.

This is the end of my story, since my burrito is finished; and its time to eat.

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Lurking Lurker said...

I'm a vegan (well, except for honey). I've always just had the normal Safeway Vegetarian beans. Perhaps I will have to try Amy's. Right now I have a ton of Safeway brand because I found a deal for 10 cents a can but perhaps once those run out I'll have to try some of these.