Friday, March 6, 2009

Exploring the North

This weekend, I am taking a trip with my family to Canada. The two day, one night road trip is being done to explore the road to Canada for a number of different reasons. It is always good to know your way around the highways, side streets, and other exit routes from your town in case of an emergency.

I strongly suggest not just having an escape plan, but knowing your surroundings well enough to make a smart, quick, educated decision on where to go and when if something happens. I am also excited that this trip will be a vacation, with hotels, food, and fun. This is the best way for you to explore your surroundings... make it a fun trip for everyone. If you can afford a short trip, and have a few days to spend, it could be crucial to your survival in the future. Also try to meet people, talk with them, and find resources that you can contact in the future to get a gauge of how the waters are. I come.

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Hey very funny Canada Trip....Nice