Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stay Supid America

This blog post is somewhat weighted based on a great number of issues. However, I feel that I have been raised in a country (America) that wants to keep me, and my fellow citizens, stupid. I truly believe there is an ongoing agenda to keep us medicated and just conscious enough to be laborers, but never to be free thinkers or to, god forbid, challenge authority.

Public Schools
I feel that the public schools are not designed to truly educate and challenge us; rather used to organize, pattern and mold us.

I've said many times before in my Pyramid of Pay theory that teachers do not get paid enough. Teachers should be the highest paid profession, and it should be a privilege and honor to be able to pass your knowledge to another person. Teachers are underpaid, under qualified, under valued and it shows. It is sad to hear countless stories of brilliant people, in diverse fields, that simply turn their back on education as a profession because it does not pay well, or is not very respected. The most brilliant people in the world should be teachers; and teachers should rule the world.

Sadly, the trend seems to be getting worse. Tests are getting easier, and children are scoring worse than ever. The plot to dumb us down, is making us thoughtless unintelligent sheepmen (other names would be 'yesmen' or 'zombies' if you prefer).

As a child growing up, while my parents were better than most, the food I consumed was, and still is, filled with hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup and other contaminants and chemicals that are not good for our healths. I avoid it all now, but it is still there; in school food, snacks, fast food, ect. This information has been revealed to me through sources like Crazy Makers: How the Food Industry is Destroying our brains and movies like Super Size Me and Sicko.

As a high schooler, I was horrible addicted to coca cola and other sodas. I noticed an immediate spike in retaining information and willingness to learn as soon as I gave up the sugary sodas and high fructosed drinks. I feel that the carbonated beverage companies will be the next cigarette market. The consumers attack pop for its terrible effects on people; obesity, diabetes, Alzhiemers and cancer.

A Free Life
I decided a long time ago that I wanted to be an artist and have spent my life trying to obtain this profession. Every step of the way I've watched other like minded people, and myself fall into terrible time consuming jobs, and debt that controlled their every move. The freedom we yearn for in school, is taken from us by the time we get out of college and most likely stolen from us before we ever graduate high school. Taxes, wages, debt, health care, family, food, entertainment, and everything else in between is a designed rat race to keep us occupied and stuck treading water while our profit go to the greedy government.

Life after school is a joke. School is a joke. We learn nothing but how to make money for our leaders. We are unknowing slaves to a society that uses us like pawns on a chess board, earning money for them to take the valuable resources on this planet for their own use.

Stay Stupid America.

That's what they want.


louie1 said...

you forgot to say - after "life after school is a joke" - if you play their game. Don't buy into big business; it is evil like big government. We all need to work though, and it helps to be governed as long as we still have control of our lives and keep the checks and balances we have over government...that keeps the good guys in power. But we will need to fight to keep our check over the government; this administration is boldly trying to take it from under our noses. Hope you all smell the coffee by now

Alicia Billings said...

Who is really good? People you think are good - put them under the microscope and see what they're really about. The PACs and lobbyists are running everything. Newbies go to Washington and learn they need to play the game to get anything done for their constituents. The only hope is getting involved in any small way we can. Writing, calling, emailing, protesting...

Good post to get people thinking. Thanks William!

williamhessian said...

louie: right on.

alicia: thanks, im hoping people will read this, among many other things from people and start to "smell the coffee" as Louie says.

Lurking Lurker said...

Alienation, commodity fetishism, losing control over our own productive power, it seems to have been happening for many years.

We need to find a way to manage the system, in whatever little way we can.

williamhessian said...

any suggestions for managing the system, lurking lurker?

Lurking Lurker said...

I believe that starting Coops would be beneficial.