Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Simplify your answers

A friend, and reader of my blog, requested I focus a few blog posts on answers, instead of problems (fluoride poison, mercury in food, new world order and much more). I thought it was a very good request and I wanted to simply give my point of view of trying to survive this period in which "the world as we know it" has forever changed. I have heard that quote, "the world as we know it... forever changed" from a dozen people in various field of research in the last few weeks. Which tells me that this 'way' of life, the American 'way' of life, is over. We are not just in a slump, we are different. As a member of this community we all must be willing to change.

My advice to my friends, and readers of this blog, is to simplify your life. We all need to simplify in many ways: food, work, entertainment, thinking, education, exercise and more. Here is my brief tips for staying positive and making the most out of our current situation.

I stopped eating meat, which I did for ethical reasons, however more importantly, I've made a very hardcore commitment to eating foods and drinking drinks that have simple natural ingredients. I eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. I eat beans and cheese, and make sure to evaluate the ingredients in all of my food. I spend more on food than I ever have before, and buy bags and bags of produce. Salads, stir frys, steaming, smoothies, and nachos. I honestly do not miss meat from my diet (unless i smell it), and am very happy with the menu I provide myself. If the things you are eating have long confusing names, or a laundry list of ingredients, stop eating it: it is killing you and destroying your mind. In the future I hope to be growing my own food and managing a fluid garden (which i can take with me from location to location)

I have never understood 9-5 office jobs; in general, they seem like empty positions meant to take very smart people and give them jobs in order to make someone else more money. I think 60-70 percent of all American jobs are quite pointless, which is probably a low estimate. I often wonder how many people ask themselves, "what does my job ultimately bring to humankind?" The answer is usually not much more than doing the grunt work that the men or women on top do not want to do. My advice goes along with my 10 things to do if you lost your job in 2009. Basically, learning actual skills, making things, fixing things, inventing things, volunteering, are all much more important than most jobs. You can spend your time constructively learning new skills which will save you money, or even generate more money. In my opinion, all jobs should be allowing you to become more self sufficient in life. Repairing your own clothes, making your own bags, mechanics, cups, cooking, solar panels, bikes, etc etc. At this point, any job and income seems to be a godsend, although your free time can be used to learn everything you can.

While we should all be out dealing with the world around us, it is too simple to lose ourself in a video game, a TV show or DVDs. I find myself doing this myself; almost overwhelmed with problems and enjoying the escape of some other reality. This is not a good choice, and not a good use of my valuable time. I do not watch any TV, but do watch DVDs rented from the library; mostly documentaries or cartoons. Entertainment can be free (from the library or borrowing from friends or using the internet), and we should use it sparingly, or in moderation while performing other tasks. I explain why I do not own a cell phone here, and i think it is one of many objects we do not need to survive in this world. Reduce the amount of things you are attached to, both physical and fictional. Although make sure the things you do love, you love them fully and realize the sacrifice you are making to be able to enjoy them.

This is the most important; and the most simple. We need to be more organized in our thinking. It is important to be acting, instead of reacting. Especially in these tough times, its best to sit down and ask yourself what you want, or what problem you want to solve and then make a list of how to do it. Doing this helps in so many ways, and will help you stick to your guns about how you feel. While this is a scary time, do the things you LOVE and figure out how to make it work. Remember that you are smart, capable and more resilient than you think. Take advantage of that, and go get what you want. Be passionate and creative.

Education never really ends. It is said that, on average, the intellectual mind peaks at 22 and brains begin declining as early as 26 years of age. I strongly believe this is due to the end of our educational system: as college tends to end on average at age 22. If you end schooling and climb into employment and stop learning, your mind will decay. We all need to learn and explore from now until the day we day. Do not cut corners, learn things, and apply them to your life. Embracing things you do not know, learning new skills and information will help out every single item on this list. Learning is simplifying to your mind how things work. It is very important!

Exercise can be such a struggle for people, and that is because it is unnatural. I think we all need to merge exercise with fun; dancing, games, sports, etc. In between everything mentioned above, do not forget to enjoy your life, body, and friends. Dance, jump, roll around and embrace this urge. Take fear and anger and release it by running, playing a sport, or doing housework. Do not be lazy, and remember that exercise can be added to normal tasks, walk to the grocery store, walk to the library or post office, make it fun and an adventure. These are the free things we can enjoy and use it to get exercise.

I really hope a few people enjoy reading this list and find one or two things that you can implement in your life. A lot of the ideas are very obvious, and yet sometimes it helps to be reaffirmed and may help to really buckle down to commit. Let us all simplify, learn, and be healthier and more prepared than ever before.

If you have any advice to give to me, I would love to hear it, since I am constantly looking for new ideas and ways to do things to help simplify my own life. all comments are appreciated.


The Empty Envelope said...

What a great post! I've really been inspired by your posts about your trip to CA. We're doing the same in a few weeks (only doing it in 2 weeks, not 5) and I plan on implementing quite a few of the things you did. I'm starting to teach my children to read labels when we're out grocery shopping too.

williamhessian said...

thnaks so much for your comments. reading labels is crucial, and simply searching names you dont know is such a valuable process. Learning what we are putting in our bodies, and the key there is the 'learning'.

Anonymous said...

hands down food in CA is the best in the country

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