Monday, December 28, 2009

Climate Change is a Slow Genocide

I have been hearing from soruces all over the place some scary things about climate change. A while ago I posted a blog that contained a quote from George W. Bush about Weather Wars. The former President made it clear that the US and other sources would have technology capable of altering the climate of our planet. Changing a climate in one area has an effect an the whole world, so the implication become pretty scary when anyone starts controlling any aspect of the weather.

It is widely known that there are massive misinformation campaign to downplay or simply discredit climate change, global warming or other concerns about weather manipulations. The resulting effect is a worldwide populace unsure what to believe of climate change; does it exist or doesnt it? On the other hand, there is no dispute over the rate of species extinction, and the rate of extinctions is growing every year, at alarmingly high rates. A majority of scientists who write about species extinction do attribute climate change as the most probable cause of this extinction, while others attribute this to natural selection, pollution, human interaction, and other causes.

I just caught the end of an interview on the radio with a reporter who quoted someone of importance as saying that, “climate change is a slow form of genecide.” The words fell right in line with my fears of the implication of weather manipulation. Climate change is a way for the rich to selectively eliminate the poorer population. Individuals that have the financial means to be self sufficient and relocate at their liesure, will have a great advantage in surviving future climate changes. Whoever controls the weather, controls the world.

Recently, the US has paid other countries great sums of money for climate change actions. Which reads to me as a payment for causing damage by controlling the weather. There is a great deal of anger assosiated with climate change and weather manipulations, and more and more countries are speaking up.

As an American myself, I fear weather control will be another thing I will feel guilty about in the future. I feel bad about the way the Indians were treated when my ancesters began inhabiting the land. I feel guilty about the treatment of slaves, and the racism that still exist. I feel guilty that women were unfairly treated, and I feel guilty about the treatment of animals and the raping of the worlds resources. Every one of these things were done by my ancestors of who I descend from. I am among the lower class priveledged, I have so much, and I really do not want to condone anything else that is unjust or unfair. I feel it is part of my duty to understand what my country is doing and ask the hard questions. I know I'm not in any position to demand answers, but I do live in the age of technology in which my words on this blog can travel around the world. I do also realize that my tiny little blog post is a miniature effort, gladly overshadowed by people who are widely read and making a big difference in the world. Big things start small.

I do not support unfair weather manipulation, by my country or any other country. I do not support unjust wars. My country does not seem to agree with me about very many things. I do respect my freedom and the countless people who have made this country great; those who allow me to spend time to think and write a blog instead of doing slave labor or living under constant fear of death for expressing myself. That being said, I hope for a better future for myself and the world, and I plan to do what I can to make my hope a reality.

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The interesting thing is that there is all of this talk about global warming and yet it seems like we're in a global cooling instead. Last sumer was mild, and we are in the midst of a nationwide arctic blast.

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