Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clarity of the Gummy Mind

I am skipping lunch to write a quick blog. I just finished teaching a class of kindergarteners how to draw a winter house, and I will teach another group in twenty minutes. This happens to be another stressful time in my life; I just finished moving all of my belongings (and my girlfriends) and our pets from Minneapolis to North Dakota. Two days after the move I was submerged into my teaching job, which I was not mentally prepared for.

As my mind is plagued with stress, I find myself playing Wii and online Magic the Gathering games to essentially escape from the stress of the surrounding situations. Eating and sleeping seem to take a backseat during this time, and I need to more mindful of my ease in neglecting the important things in life. This also includes time spent with my girlfriend.

If I find enough time to stop and think about priorities it is apparent what things I NEED to take care of, and what things I do not. However, if I fill my contemplative time with games and distractions I find myself a few weeks later wondering why I never took two seconds to set some goals and realign myself to the new situation. This blog is kind of a re-setting of my priorities. I want to focus on the more important things and spend a little time organizing my schedules.

This blog, while not a NEED, is very important to focus my energies and attention on important aspects of my life. Which simply means you will be hearing more from me here on zombie robot frosting.

'Living forever, living sustainable'
william hessian 2010


thetoymaker said...

The easy road can always take up the heart of your time, but remember, your sweet, lovely girlfriend and your purring cats depend on you. What good is it if you live forever if you do it alone?

Make those plans! Take care of your body and your soul. And most importantly, take care of your little family. The best advice I ever got was before I got married was, "Be as polite to your partner as you would to a complete stranger." You wouldn't blow off someone that you just met for the first time.... why assume your honey won't care if you call or don't?

Be strong, my friend. You are a good man, do the right thing.


The Empty Envelope said...

Good for you. I am being obnoxious with my motto this year, but here it is: Live a life of intent.

Anonymous said...

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