Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Earth Back- 3 human earth turtle designs

Three designs I came up with when brainstorming a portable hydroponic garden.

By no means do I think I am going to end world hunger, or solve the homeless situation. The designs are an idea that would allow urban citizens, homeless, or travelers to maintain a garden. The plants would provide food and the object itself could be propped up as a tent like structure for a sleeping area. The original idea was using both soil and hydroponically based plants to grow within the structure. I do feel for weight reasons it makes much more sense to have strictly hydroponics and a drain able feature which would allow you to remove water weight during transportation. You bring your plants with you.

The backpack and rig shaw design are both just variations on the same concept. When weight seemed to be a big issue I added the wheel, however if it could be easily drained, the plant themselves would not be very heavy.

Hikers could take a garden with them, growing food along a trip, and use the structure as the frame for a tent. Homeless could do the very same right inside city limits. I can imagine a park in Salt Lake City, Utah which had a high number of homeless lounging around, all carrying or sitting next to these little transportable gardens. I think everyone could use a garden to tend, we are all just waiting for a garden that fits our modern lifestyle. Another feature of this 'Earthback' idea would appeal to hoarders or survivalists, because the backpacks could be interlinked to create a larger garden or greenhouse, and in times of emergency could be picked up and put on your back and taken into a cave or tunnel.

I also think it would be one step towards sustainability.

While i have no plans to make a prototype, I use the concept as something for me to think about.

You can see one of my older more futuristic backpack garden designs here.

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Nina E Jørgensen said...

I love your drawings! Amazing line