Friday, September 30, 2011

Half way done with my Facebook Fast

15 days down, 15 days to go. It feels like I have been away from Facebook for months. It really does. It is amazing how detached I feel from communications with others. At the same time I feel liberated. I am sleeping better, reading books, and getting art projects done. I still have a laundry list of MUST DOs, which I hope to take care of during this social media vacation. I do admit that I meander onto Google Plus from time to time, and probably use my cell phone to text a little more socially then usual. All in all, its been a nice break.

While I still feel the urge to get on Facebook, I have been really busy and productive with other projects. I figure I typically spend a half an hour to an hour per day of Facebook, sometimes longer if I start playing mindless mini games. Facebook is just a little too labor intensive for me when trying ti multi-task with other projects. Youtube (especially Ted Talks), music and/or Justin TV have been great entertainment background noise for me while working on other projects and more than fills the void that Facebook left behind.

My plan is to find a happy medium for my future Facebook usage. A fifteen minute session to catch up on important things or communications and then logging off for the night. I plan to give this schedule a try on October 16th when I make my return to Facebook. I will be Faceback.

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thetoymaker said...

One way i keep Facebook under control is I don't play any games and I don't do live chat. (I find it too time consuming) Your milage may vary. :-)