Wednesday, April 30, 2008

hansen's 4 new all natural soda flavors

Last year, I gave up drinking soda forever. More specifically I gave up drinking high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). It is extremely bad for ones health, and something I no longer want to consume.

I decided if I was going to drink anything with sugar, besides juice, it had to be all natural. Which is why I began a search for a great tasting
all natural root beer and other natural sodas.

During this process I began reviewing drinks that I enjoyed, or did not enjoy. One of the first was Hansen's All Natural Root Beer. A few weeks later a reader of mine clued me into the fact that not all Hansen's sodas are HFCS free, and thus should not be advertised as so. I went ahead and editted my blog and dsiqualified the drink, until I got an email from a PR person at Hansen's telling me HFCS is no longer in any of their sodas. Then I wrote a new Hansen's blog entry.

Since then Hansen's has mailed me 4 NEW flavors (no high fructose corn syrup- it says it right on every can in big letters) to try out. Instead natural cane sugar is the sugar of choice. I have been passing the new Hansen's flavors out to friends and family for the past week.

Here are the 4 Hansen's Natural Soda flavors and my review:

1. Mandarin Lime:
This falvor was best in the morning, cause it had a nice kick to it. This was my least favorite of the 4 flavors, but my dad and my girlfriend both enjoyed it more than me. It tasted too sweet and left a lingering aftertaste. Although the flavor was enjoyable and refreshing.
Rating: 6 out of 10

2. Kiwi Strawberry:
When I was a kid, I loved the Kiwi Strawberry shasta flavor. This Hansen's product tastes very similar and is very tasty. I would hesitate to drink many in a row, because again I felt it was very very sweet. As a treat, once a week or so, it would be a perfect drink. The flavor is excellent, especially ice cold.
Rating: 7.5 out of 10

3. Cherry Vanilla Creme
This was the flavor I was least interested in trying. I do not really care for creme/fruit combinations. Howver, this was my second favorite flavor. It had an extremely rich tasting flavor, although the pop was not creamy in any way. The cherry/vanilla como actually was extremely enjoyable and I especially enjoyed the subdued sugar taste. Hansen's really nailed this flavor!
Rating: 8

4. Pomegranate
I love pomegranate, and I love this pomegranate boom in the grocery store. Pomegranate is in everything nowadays. I had been enjoying Hansen's Natural energy Green Tea soda drink flavored Pomegranate, although stopped once I realized the fructose contents in the can. That was around the time I stopped drinking Hansen's altogether because of the HFCS. However, this can of Pomegranate nautral soda was delicious. My girlfirend did not like it very much, but she did not enjoy the green tea version either. I love it. It has a great tangy bite to it, not too sugary, and really refreshing. It is one of my favorite natural sodas to date and am considering drinking one of these every morning (if i can fit it into my budget).
Rating: 9.5

I hope you enjoyed my review of the 4 new all natural Hansen's sodas. It has been a fun search to find different drinks that taste good and that are healthy for you. I am trying to live an extremely healthy life style and diet.

If you have interest in my tips for trying to stop drinking the evil sodas, please check out my:
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