Thursday, December 27, 2007

All Natural Root Beer

A Healthy Soda

The search for Root Beer that is good for you. I have recently stopped drinking soda, see my 5 tips to quitting soda forever blog. Recently, I have been trying out all natural root beer brands. I plan to try as many as possible and review them here on Zombie Robot Frosting.


All root beer that I drink must not have any high fructose syrup included. This is a deathmark for any drink on the market, and extremely bad for your health. Secondly, the root beer must be natural or organic, and lastly the drink may not include any caffiene. Which luckily for me, most root beers do not have.

Hansen's Root Beer

Last week Old Fashioned Root Beer review scored 7 out of 10 in my first root beer review. This week I drink from a can of Hansen's Natural Soda: Creay Root Beer flavor.

NOTE: Since my Hansen review, Hansen's Root Beer has recently been DISQUALIFIED from the root beer hunt, click here to find out why. But please continue to read the review as well.

Normally, a can of root beer is a lot less appealling to me than a bottle. Hansen's can is trying hard to look flashy, and impressive in its typical 12.5 oz can. I had not had Hansen's products before this taste test.

I am always assuming natural root beer is going to taste too rooty. Once again, I am pleasantly suprised with the taste, and Hansen's is a lot creamier than last week's subject Old Fashioned Root Beer. I actually prefer Hansen's flavor hands down as it has a better overall bite, and refreshing flavor. Especially ice cold.

Since I tasted this product I have gone out and purchased 20 cans to drink and pass out to friends. This is a great alternative to the mass marketed corn syrup pops, and the flavor is second to none.

Hansen's still was not as rich and creamy as the root beer in my dreams, but it is close. For a canned soda, this was a very creamy texture and always leaves me wanting more.

Excellent root beet smell, and the creamyness coulds also be noted simply by the smell.

$0.63 for a 12.5oz can. Compared to most bottled natural root beers, this is very affordable. I cannot find it sold anywhere in anything larger than can by can. So it is hard to purchase large amounts of this root beer. If you can cope with drinking from a can, instead of a bottle, or prefer pouring into a frosty mug anyways, Hansen's is a very good choice for Natural Root Beer.

8.5 (REOPENED) out of 10 (I always like to rank my reviews to be able to compare)
While the can can be a negative (can can), the flavor and price make up for it. The taste is the best so far, and is the current root beer of choice given my starving artist budget and my need for natural root beer. I recommend it to all. If only they would put it in bottles, and sell them by the case. Then the score would be raised another point. Hansen's Natural Root Beer is a great choice for a frosty creamy root beer.

Kelsey and I like it:

Hansen's had recently been DISQUALIFIED from the root beer hunt, click here to find out why, and how it got REOPENED

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Nate said...

according hansen's page, it does have corn syrup:

reamy Root Beer Soda

Hansen's Creamy Root Beer Soda is made from the Madagascan vanilla extract and Oregon honey. Our sodas are 100% natural and do not contain any preservatives, caffeine, sodium, refined sugar, artificial flavors or colors.

Pure triple filtered carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, natural spice, vanilla extract with other natural flavors, malic acid.

Nutritional Facts:
Serving Size 1 can Amount Per Serving:Calories 160 Total Fat 0g 0%, Sodium 0mg 0%, Total Carb 44g 15%, Sugars 43g, Protein 0g 0%

williamhessian said...

this is interesting because i carefully read the cans before i buy them and high fructose was not listed....or else i missed it.

Thanks for doing some research, i am going to check the product itself and see what is going on.


FzxChick said...

I read that Hansen's switched to cane sugar and Splenda (sucralose) in April of 2007. I don't see HFCS in the ingredients list.

So, you don't have to disqualify it anymore. :)